Whoever you are, I wish you well.

Business Dream


I have a dream.

Oct.1 the trigger

I had an appointment with Brad from Concept which is a program from Velocity.

I showed him the app (Pitch Perfectly Accurately Practice).

He answered my questions of

  1. what is a startup ?
  2. can a simply app be turned into a startup ?

and provided information about:

  1. what is a startup
  2. pitch competition such as $5k
  3. a book called Running Lean, which he said is the bible for each startup founder

Oct.2 some fuel

I talked to Johnny, one of the group members from Pitch Perfectly Accurately Practice.

Before the meeting, I did quickly fill out most of the model canvas from running lean.

I got some inspiration.

I let Johnny fill out the canvas as well since I don’t want to spoil the my inspiration to him.

I thought about we can build a platform to help both sides, people who want to learn music and people who want to teach music. Johnny thought about more, which included my thought.

We talked a lot. I thought the app being paid can give developers a sense of value in the short term and more sustainability in the long run, Johnny told me that an app being paid these days are not majority and this is not that ‘open’.

Oct.3 daydreaming

I woke up at 3:30 am on my own.

Can it be not just an app ?

A business ?

An organization ?

…The intention of it is to help others in a short term and long term, solving whatever their problems are, healing others.

…I gotta tell Johnny about this. The value of the business. I think is the most important thing.

Can it influence a country ?

Can it be international, which is to influence multiple countries ?

Can it across several subjects (biology, chemistry, music, etc.)?

Can it be globally, which is to influence anywhere around the world ?

…I was then doing Yijinjing.

Can it reach outer space ? When human migrates to Mars in recent future, can it influence there ?

Can it reach different civilizations ? Upon meeting residences from other planets, can it show a symbol of peace ?

…My thoughts has been exponentially exploding these 2 days. I wanna see can I reach a limit of my imagination.

How about breaking the concept of time ?

Can it be decades long ?

Across centuries ?

Over billions of years ?

Over billions of 劫 (which is the destruction and rebirth of billions of universes)?

How about breaking the concept of space ?

In Buddhism, there’s countless universes within a small space and or within a small amount of time, can it help those universes, serve creatures for those universes ?

How about universes where science cannot prove or disprove yet ?

Universes in parallel ? Universes in other 5 “great divisions in the wheel of karma” (五道) in Buddhism’s world view ? Universes in different dimensions ?

Can it influence those universes ? Help and serve things who have feelings (众生) from those universes ?

…I read 金刚经 (a Buddhism classics) for 20 minutes.

…I was preparing breakfast. The roller coaster goes up, now goes down.

Now I think about it. When the time exceeds 80 years, I will not exist anymore ?

But I still feel happy if it (the organization or whatever) exists and if I don’t exist. Even if I didn’t start it in the first place. Even if someone started it and I was just helping. Even if it exists and I am just a normal person. Even if I am just a cow in the fields. If it exists, I am happy.

Take the scope back, now I think about Google or those big companies. It is a fact that they helped a lot of people, creatures in the environment, small businesses. And the existences of these kind of companies make me happy.

Now my thoughts seem back to the origin (like back to origin in Taiqi), and I was preparing breakfast.

I feel happy, relieved, can appreciate even small things I am doing.

I felt like a dream.

And I woke up and I felt a bit embarrassed after telling the dream to few people. (EJ, mom, Chirs, Kelvin not too much, Johnny)

Oct.7 some ideas, helping, personal growth

I relaxed a bit for the weekends.

I was thinking what I can do for the business since I still have no idea.

So I wrote down:

  1. read the book Running Lean
  2. talk to a lot of people
  3. be creative and think about a lot of ideas, prototypes, services, and write them down.

And I just come up with an idea.

A app that can listens and store your precious sounds. People today seems very busy. I did organize the photos yesterday and I found that I have experienced so much that I didn’t realize. I have the feeling that they are the precious memory of me.

I want the app to improve people’s lifestyle.

And an idea of a organization.

The quote would be “help yourself, help others”. It provides a platform and people and build projects they want to work on with different other people from the platform. It will attract people with similar mindset and they can work a project that helps both themselves and others. Like the app above would be in the category of helping yourself. But the border is vague since helping yourself is essentially helping others and helping others is essentially helping yourself.

Both my roommate Johnson and Lucas are working on a game project. I would like to help them make it be heard and they can benefit from it. I hope the organization can do that.

Then I talked with Johnny in the afternoon about my thoughts. Maybe it sounds too unrealistic we didn’t agree upon what the organization would look like.

Here are some of my thoughts during the conversation:

  • you don’t know that if such an organization will really help people or not, may be a book from an author can help more people better
  • no need to think about the organization or the business right now, there doesn’t have to be one. A one-man business may help more people with less risks. And running an organization might lost the original intention and there are so many uncertainties.
  • “business” (not business, personal “business”) can be one-man. I just want to help you, the people I encounter. They can be benefited and can spread the idea (the light) and help more people.

Oct.8 meeting with Anshuk

I told my story to Anshuk, the boss of the startup I want to intern, he has a mindset of helping others as well, and we had a nice chat.

And he showed me some idea of their previous focus and current focus, which is more a painkiller than a vitamin, and his talk on how do the question interview.

I am looking forward to helping him do the question interview with people, and working with the team in the future.

I am also looking forward to experience and learn how to do a startup.

Oct.10 1 am - thoughts converging

I feel lazy and not productive on Oct.9, maybe I had a heavy meal, or it is the low point of the mental cycle.

I feel kinda depressed in the afternoon, and then went home and slept from 6-9 pm. I talked to Chris about my symptoms and he showed me some basic concepts to help me understand my energy flow. A possible strategy to stabilize the emotions to have more productive results (rather than high peaks and low valleys more extremely), a casual loop diagram might help. (TODO, explain this properly in another post) Anyways, I feel not sleepy and rather productive now in 1 am on Oct.10.

My current thought is in every day each small things I do I wish it can benefit 众生 (creatures) across different dimensions of the universe, across billions of 劫 (billions of destruction and rebirth of universes) unlimitedly. In the cause and effect model (因缘果) I wish the “good” triggers I did can be the cause of the beneficial results of others. (I am trying to explain 回向 here. It is hard to explain it in English, in mandarin it would be “希望我曾种我将种的一切善根在众生身上成熟”. More at 三殊胜)

I found most of time my thoughts converges to ideas of Buddhism. If you can find a better sustainable reinforcement (thinking and action) model which would better benefits things who has feelings (有情), contact me and let’s have a chat!!! More about expanding the scope thinking process of helping (普贤行愿品) and breaking barriers of thinking (金刚经).(classics in English version) (if you were never exposed to some classics of Buddhism before, put on your seatbelt, you might be surprised, confused, mindblown)


If this blog post feels weird to you, I am sorry.

This is the end of this blog post. I will revise it sometimes.

Tell me what you think. I would like to hear about it.